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Neighbourhood Plan

What is the Elford Neighbourhood Plan?

The Elford Neighbourhood Plan is a local community project, initiated by Elford Parish Council and led by a group of residents, which it is hoped will help the community to have more influence on the future development of Elford Parish, and to help address local issues that residents and businesses are concerned about.


If the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted (which would only happen if it was approved by a majority of Elford residents in a local referendum), it would become part of the planning system for Elford, and planning decisions in Elford would have to abide by the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Purpose and Objectives

A Neighbourhood Plan offers people living and working in a local area (often a Parish such as Elford) the opportunity to have a greater influence over future development in their neighbourhood.  Local communities have used neighbourhood plans to protect their local green spaces, identify local housing needs, and create guidance for building design and heritage protection.  Through such efforts, residents, community groups and business have created new planning policies that will help to guide future development of their local areas, so that it helps to fulfil the needs and hopes of local people.



Progress to date

The first stage of the neighbourhood plan project was to apply for Elford Parish to be officially designated as a Neighbourhood Plan Area, which Lichfield District Council approved in August 2015.  This allowed the Parish Council to apply for funding to help with the project, to pay for things like publicity, resources and expert advice on planning matters.

In February and March 2016, the Parish CouRiver Tame at Sunset - AWncil organised a series of meetings and discussion sessions for residents to get together to talk about a possible neighbourhood plan.  All Elford residents were invited to these sessions, where we discussed what a neighbourhood plan could do for Elford, and what issues we might be able to address through one.  Many different opinions, ideas and concerns were expressed, which have helped to inform the broad scope of the neighbourhood plan and subsequent discussions.

Since then, the Parish Council organised a steering group of local residents (most of whom are not Parish Council members) to take the project forward on behalf of the community.   The steering group looked at the following broad issues, which were identified at the earlier meetings as being the main areas of concern amongst local residents.


-          Local Services

-          Housing

-          Heritage and Conservation

-          Natural Environment

-          Development Management


The steering group prepared a residents’ questionnaire designed to find out in more detail what people think about various local issues, to help inform the direction of the neighbourhood plan.  The survey asked questions about issues including local services, housing, concerns around development, our heritage assets, and the natural environment. This was followed by a further housing survey.

The preparation of the neighbourhood plan was intended and required to be a democratic process, and its objective and policies should reflect the opinions and ideas of the local community as far as practically possible.


Preparation of the Draft Plan

Following the results of the survey, the steering group reviewed what the neighbourhood plan should set out to achieve.  The draft vision and objectives of the plan, which were prepared following initial meetings, were worked on.

The steering group, together with their professional planning advisors, prepared draft planning policies which, if the plan is completed and adopted, will influence future development in Elford.  A draft plan was written, on which all residents and various statutory bodies were formally consulted.  Consultation began in September 2017.



In accordance with the 2012 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (Regulation 14), the Draft Neighbourhood Plan went out to formal consultation in October 2017.

Following this the Draft Neighbourhood Plan was amended by the consultants to incorporate comments submitted by consultees.  Further amendments were made in April 2018 to reflect the decision to build houses on land at the Shrubbery.

The Plan went out to Regulation 15 consultation from 8th May 2018 to 19th June 2018. Read the Submission version and supporting documents here.



The Neighbourhood Plan was examined by a Planning Inspector and the Examiner's Report can be found here. The Plan has been amended accordingly.


The District Council have now agreed that the Plan may proceed to Referendum. This will take place on 29th November. Details here.

Decision statement

Made Plan

The Plan became part of the Development Plan for the area in January 2019

See the final version of the Plan here or for more information follow this link.




Further details can be found at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/elfordnp.


More details on the processes involved with preparing a neighbourhood plan are available on the Locality website: http://locality.org.uk/resources/neighbourhood-planning-roadmap-guide/



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