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Neighbourhood Plan Submission

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to the District Council. Consultation on Elford's Neighbourhood Plan will take place from 8th May to 19th June 2018.

For details and documents please see www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/elfordnp.

Village Bus service

Staffordshire County Council has now withdrawn the 82 bus service. They are currently tendering for a reduced service to serve Elford and other local villages, but this process may take around two months. In the meantime Elford Parish Council and Edingale Parish Council have arranged the following twice a week service to Tamworth with Solus:

Leaves Elford Social Club at 9.30 (stopping at other former stops) to Tamworth at 9.45

Returns from Tamworth Corporation Street at 1.15, to Elford at 13.30.

Sorry no wheelchair access.

This is a private hire service funded by Elford and Edingale Parish Councils. If a volunteer is willing to collect donations of £3 and to forward these to a Councillor these will be used to keep the service going for longer.

Latest events news

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Precept for 2018 - 19

The Parish Council has kept the precept requested from Lichfield District Council at the same level as for the last two years, at £13,000 for 2018-19.  However the District Council has this year voted to cease the payment of Local Council Tax Support Grant to Parish Councils, so the precept is now funded entirely through the Council Tax paid by residents.  Residents may therefore notice a slight increase of around £1.83 in their Council Tax, in addition to larger increases in the amounts paid to the District Council, Police and Fire Authorities and County Council for additional expenditure on social care etc.

You can see what the precept will be spent on by looking at next year's budget in the finance section under the Parish Council tab.

Scarecrow Festival takes a break

The Scarecrow Festival will take a break in 2018 to give the organisers and scarecrow makers a well earned rest.

The scarecrows have promised to be back in 2019!

For the latest and up-to-date information about the annual Scarecrow Festival please visit the Scarecrow Festival website at http://elfordscarecrowfestival.uk/


Planning Application for Land at the Shrubbery

The outline planning application for up to 25 houses on land previously used as a field with access on to The Shrubbery was heard at Lichfield District Council's Planning Committee on Monday 12th March and was approved. The next stage is expected be a detailed application, showing the types and position of housing, and details of the open space and conditions.


Dog bin relocated

The dog waste bin near the Church has now been moved to near the entrance to the Walled Garden.

New handyman

The Parish Council have appointed a new handyman to help keep the playground and other areas of the village tidy.

He is Alan Robey and if you see Alan at work please say hello!

Hall Garden

The latest Hall Garden newsletter is now available on their website www.elfordhallgarden.org