Elford Village

Right of Way update

The Parish Council is questioning and seeking further clarification regarding the recent Staffordshire County Council ruling that Path 6 is NOT a Right of Way - based on the continuous use of this route for more than 20 years by a number of villagers.

We are approaching Bromford who own the property that the route passes over and are therefore the landlords, to ask them to urgently speak to their tenant and explain that their actions in blocking the stile are unacceptable.

We have approached the Ramblers Association for their guidance and help.

If we are not satisfied with the answers to the above points, then we will engage our Community Police Officer Costas. If the final ruling from Stafford is that the path and stile should not be used, then they would be asked to urgently erect a sign explaining this.

In the meantime we will keep residents informed.