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Staffordshire Warm Homes

Families struggling to heat their home can access free ‘green homes’ measure to make their home more energy efficient.


Staffordshire has been awarded £4.2 million funding from the Government’s Warmer Homes initiative to help families make their homes more green and energy efficient.

This funding comes after the first phase of the scheme helped install green homes measures in 240 Staffordshire homes.

The scheme is being delivered by Staffordshire County Council and is expected to benefit a further 445 households.

Measures including cavity wall and loft insulation, solar thermal and PV panels, air source heat pumps, as well as double glazing windows and doors could be installed free of charge in eligible households.

The scheme is available to eligible families with low, or no income, those who claim benefits, or are elderly, disabled or have very young children living in the home.

Residents can apply online by visiting www.staffordshire.gov.uk/warmerhomes