Elford Village

Recycling guidance from Lichfield DC

What to put in your blue bin

We will only accept the following clean items in your blue bin:

  • paper, including newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, wrapping paper (without foil/glitter) etc.
  • shredded paper (this should be placed in a clear plastic bag to the side of your bin on your bin day)
  • card, including flattened cardboard boxes, food sleeves, toilet and kitchen roll inners etc.
  • plastic containers, including margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots, bottles, empty carrier bags and plastic food trays etc.
  • clean, empty plastic bags
  • aluminium foil, food trays or cans (foil that doesn't scrunch up can't be recycled)
  • cartons, including juice, milk and soup
  • glass bottles or jars and lids
  • aerosol cans and roll-ons

Please wash out empty containers before putting them in your bin. Card and paper should only be added if it is clean.

Please do not bag up your recycling - put items in the bin loose. You may use a clear plastic bag for excess recycling and place it to the side of your bin on your bin day.

If any other items are found in your bin or you use a bag, it will not be emptied.

Other waste

Please DO NOT put the following in your blue bin:

  • bin bags of any colour to bag up recycling*
  • general waste
  • food waste
  • nappies/sanitary products (clean or used)
  • pyrex
  • garden waste
  • animal bedding
  • polystyrene
  • rigid plastics such as garden furniture, toys, coat hangers etc
  • plant pots and garden trays
  • foil that doesn't stay together when scrunched up (such as crisp bags, tea/coffee packets and pet food pouches)
  • bubble wrap
  • textiles/fabric
  • mirrored glass
  • electricals and batteries (these should go to your local tip)
  • Wallpaper and wallpaper backing
  • Used tissues, kitchen roll or paper towels