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Help required

Calling all Elford people -

The Parish Council have taken over the former phone kiosk in Church Road. if you would like to help with the upkeep or have a good idea for its use, please contact us on clerk@elfordpc.co.uk or 01827 50230.

We are also considering an 'adopt a pot scheme'; some residents already plant up and water the flower tubs near their property,  if you would like to make your part of Elford look even better, please let us know if you wish to help.

Anyone wishing to be added to the rota of those who inspect the play equipment to check it is safe for the children to use, please get in touch. It will only take a few minutes 2 or 3 times a year.

St Peter's update

Please click here for news from St Peter's Church


The defibrillator has now been installed at the Village Hall, near to the entrance (see below)

For peace of mind residents may wish to look at a video explaining how to use it or read this quick guide. In an emergency call 999 and they will talk you you through how to use it.

Some residents have attended a first aid training session and it is hoped to run a further session for other residents shortly.

Dog Owners

Please will all local dog owners please show more consideration to the children and other residents by clearing up after their dogs. There is currently dog waste on the field which the owners should have removed to stop others from treading in it. There is a bin for your dog's waste so please use it!

Anyone who is aware of the times that this is happening please report it to Environmental Health at Lichfield District Council so action can be taken.

Many thanks to those dog owners who have behaved responsibly!

20 is Plenty

Following recent reports of vehicles speeding past the playground and in many other parts of the village too, Elford Parish Council are proposing a '20 is plenty' campaign to keep our residents safe.  Signs are now displayed so let's all do our bit to drive more thoughtfully around Elford!

Howard Primary School

Howard Primary School is about to enter a new and exciting phase in its History. The chance of joining forces with St Mary’s Primary and Richard Cross Primary is now a certainty with the offer from Government for the three schools to coming together as a Multi Academy.
This is great news for our Primary school for three main reasons
We secure the support and skills of the Management Team headed by Paul Lovern
We pool recourses to make the running of the school far more efficient
We obtain increased funding form Government to further develop the School amenities and services
Howard Primary is already seeing vastly improved pupil results and discipline and a new out of school "before and after" club has been started to support parents and carers.
With only 51 pupils attending and September intake low we do need to ask and encourage everyone in the village to consider or indeed re-consider sending your children to Howard.
It is positive and exciting times at Howard Primary School and Elford Parish Council fully support the work of Mr Lovern and the team.

Flood Plan

To read the Flood Plan, please see our downloads section.