Elford Village

Flooding from Elan Homes site

Following the recent flooding events in The Beck and Eddies Lane over 20 residents attended the Parish Council meeting on Monday. Their concerns were expressed and they were updated with what has been done by the Parish Council and our Flood Warden, and on actions to be taken as soon as possible.

Cllr Turley reported that County Councillor Alan White had contacted the developer Elan Homes and as promised at the meeting, the Parish Council have again contacted Alan White and were informed by him that Elan Homes' contractors have been pumping water into the site mains from Tuesday and will continue to do this and take water away by tanker later this week. We are aware that there is still water to remove at the top of the site due to the difficulty of getting a tanker up there and are letting them know that there is still a risk of flooding to Eddies Lane.

The contractors will also be installing more hay bales to trap the silt at the site boundaries. They have arranged for a road sweeper to attend every Friday and will clean off site roads and driveways if necessary and arrange extra visits when required.  We have asked that residents let us know of any areas you wish to be cleaned. They have also undertaken to clean out the gullies.

Elan Homes have requested Alan White’s help to expedite the permissions for the permanent infrastructure through discussions with Highways to achieve a long term solution. Alan has agreed to this and is already working on it.

The Parish Council will also be contacting the Lichfield District Council's Enforcement Officer to follow up his recent visit to the site and request an urgent meeting with Parish Council to share information on the site.

We are hoping to arrange a review meeting for residents if required.