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Businesses asked for their views on the local economy

Local businesses encouraged to help guide future support plans



Lichfield District Council is looking for businesses of all sizes and sectors across the district to take part in an online survey and provide a health check on the local economy, investigate what type of support businesses are looking for what their future commercial property demands might be.



The results of the survey will enable the council and its partners understand what the future demand for business support is likely to be, what local commercial property requirements are going to be, and about the initial impact of major economic events such as the pandemic and Brexit.



Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said:



“As a council we have set aside money to help our local businesses.  We want to hear from them about what support we can give them now and in the future to help them thrive and grow.



“I’d ask all businesses to come forward and take part in the survey to help us build a better picture of what our local economy looks like just now and what businesses see their challenges are going to be in the future”.



The online survey is open for responses until 7 February 2022 and can be accessed at - https://cognisant.researchfeedback.net/s.asp?k=163731716990

Flooding from Elan Homes site

Following the recent flooding events in The Beck and Eddies Lane over 20 residents attended the Parish Council meeting on Monday. Their concerns were expressed and they were updated with what has been done by the Parish Council and our Flood Warden, and on actions to be taken as soon as possible.

Cllr Turley reported that County Councillor Alan White had contacted the developer Elan Homes and as promised at the meeting, the Parish Council have again contacted Alan White and were informed by him that Elan Homes' contractors have been pumping water into the site mains from Tuesday and will continue to do this and take water away by tanker later this week. We are aware that there is still water to remove at the top of the site due to the difficulty of getting a tanker up there and are letting them know that there is still a risk of flooding to Eddies Lane.

The contractors will also be installing more hay bales to trap the silt at the site boundaries. They have arranged for a road sweeper to attend every Friday and will clean off site roads and driveways if necessary and arrange extra visits when required.  We have asked that residents let us know of any areas you wish to be cleaned. They have also undertaken to clean out the gullies.

Elan Homes have requested Alan White’s help to expedite the permissions for the permanent infrastructure through discussions with Highways to achieve a long term solution. Alan has agreed to this and is already working on it.

The Parish Council will also be contacting the Lichfield District Council's Enforcement Officer to follow up his recent visit to the site and request an urgent meeting with Parish Council to share information on the site.

We are hoping to arrange a review meeting for residents if required.


Festive collections and digital 2022 bin calendars

Lichfield and Tamworth Joint Waste Service confirms there will be no changes to bin collections this Christmas and New Year.



With no disruption to festive bin rounds this year, and in preparation for the introduction of dual-stream recycling in the spring, bin calendars for Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough homes are now available to download at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/bincalendar and www.tamworth.gov.uk/bincalendar.



Councillor Ashley Yeates, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Recycling, said: “As Christmas and New Year both fall on a weekend this year, our residents can put out their bins on their normal bin days over the festive period.



“We’ve taken the decision to only publish bin calendars online, as there are no changes to communicate for the festive period and we may need to tweak some bin rounds as we move to dual-stream recycling in the spring of next year.



“It will be much simpler to keep the calendars up to date online, and there is substantial environmental benefit from not printing and distributing calendars to around 80,000 households.



“We are working hard on our plans for how to introduce the blue reusable bags for paper and card recycling, which will include a multi-channel communications campaign to ensure households are fully informed about how the system will work and what it will mean to them.”



The new bin calendars are available online at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/bincalendar and www.tamworth.gov.uk/bincalendar.



Residents who do not have access to the internet are being encouraged to use the online services from their nearest library or to seek help from their family, friends, or neighbours. They can also call the shared waste service on 0345 002 0022 for help.

Grants for small businesses from Staffordshire County Council

Get back to growth in 2022 with a £5k grant

Image of superman  - Start 2022 strong, get a £5k grant

Grants of between £2,000 to £5,000 are now available to small businesses across Staffordshire to grow and thrive.

Improving your business is a year-round job, but new year is the perfect time to get the financial boost you need to start the year strong. 

Want to invest in increasing sales, productivity or profitability, or improve business processes but feel the risk is too high? Did you put your business-growth plans on hold during the pandemic, but need financial help to finally realise your potential?

If you’re an eligible small business, now’s the time to stop crossing your fingers and get a grant of up to £5,000 from the Staffordshire Means Back to Business Scheme to help you to regroup and grow.

Funding is on a first come first served basis, and has now been made available to businesses across the county following Staffordshire County Council's successful bid to secure over £751,000 for the Staffordshire Means Back to Business Scheme from the government's UK Community Renewal Fund.

Grants of up to £5,000 have already helped small businesses across all sectors with a range of growth activities, including:

  • Finding expert knowledge and support to help develop business ideas and success, including financial strategy, business strategy, marketing strategy and website expertise, and even expertise to enhance customer service
  • Support to analyse customer data
  • Tackling those back-burner projects and tasks
  • Purchase of equipment and technology for new starters
  • Purchase of specialist equipment – from video equipment to specialist fabrication tools and beyond.
  • Support to prioritise business planning
  • Diversification into new market sectors and taking advantage of new opportunities
  • Developing online payment facilities and getting online

and much more.

Start 2022 right and apply now for a growth grant of between £2,000 and £5,000.


Sign up for 2022 garden waste collections

Green-fingered folk across Lichfield District are being encouraged to subscribe again for the garden waste service.

Online registration at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/mygardenbin is now open for the garden waste service, and Lichfield District Council is urging local residents to sign up again to have their brown bins emptied in 2022.

The council has held 2021’s price and it will cost £36 per brown bin for fortnightly collections in 2022. Next year’s garden waste service will run from 31 January to 16 December and customers will receive a maximum of 23 collections.


Councillor Ashley Yeates, Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Recycling, said: “Thank you to everyone who signed up to our garden waste service in the last year.

“We’re now reminding all our residents that they will need to sign up again if they want their brown bins emptied in 2022.

“It costs the same regardless of when you register during the year, and your annual subscription will always end in December. This is why it makes sense to register before the first collection in 2022, so you can get a full year’s worth of collections.”

Sign up for the garden waste service at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/mygardenbin or call the Lichfield and Tamworth Shared Waste Service on 0345 002 0022.

“It is important to remember that your brown bin will not be emptied in 2022 unless you are signed up and have displayed your new sticker on your garden waste bin.

“We are also encouraging anyone who signs up not to cover up their 2021 sticker with their new one, so our crews know to continue to empty your garden waste bin for the rest of this year,” added Cllr Yeates.

Police and Fire Commissioner Survey

Please take part in a consultation to provide feedback on how much you would be prepared to pay for policing and fire & rescue services in the region.


Funding for the services is made up of a mix of central government grants, combined with the ‘precept’ – the contribution residents make as part of their annual council tax.


The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the budget for Staffordshire Police, and Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service, including the amount of council tax used for both services.


Budgeting for the coming year is challenging because of uncertainty related to Covid-19, inflation and the likelihood of pay increases. Government is proposing a three-year grant settlement this year, which helps financial planning in these difficult times.


As part of setting the budget I require the services, and my office, to consider where they can make savings and I will consider all options, such as making better use of technology or sharing buildings. I will always try to keep your council tax low and I will only ask for more if I believe it is necessary to maintain or improve the services we receive.


This coming year, I believe some additional investment is required to protect our services in these uncertain times and a little more will help our new Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer to implement the local plans sooner and keep us safe.


I would therefore welcome your thoughts on these options.


The council tax consultation runs until 11 January 2022.


You can have your say here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/precept22-23


Ben Adams


Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue and Crime

Funding for Leisure and Hospitality Businesses

There is still funding available in Lichfield District Council's latest Additional Restrictions Grant round, focusing on the leisure, events sector (inclusive of hospitality) and their supply chain:

If you are:
- A Lichfield District micro or small business within the leisure, events sector (inclusive of hospitality) and their direct supply chain.
- Haven't received support from the Local Restrictions Support Grant, previous Additional Restrictions Grant rounds and the Restart Scheme.
- Seen a reduction in your net profits of at least 25%.

You may be interested in applying.

For the full eligibility criteria and the application form, visit: https://www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/coronavirus-2/support-businesses-coronavirus-covid-19/7  

It is a limited funding pot which is first come, first serve. If applications outweigh the amount available, the application process shall be closed.

Local Plan 2040 submission

Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet will be asked to approve the submission of its new Local Plan to manage the amount, location and mix of housing, leisure and job opportunities across the district from now until 2040.

When they meet on 7 December Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet will be asked to give the go ahead for Lichfield District Local Plan 2040 to be submitted to the government’s Planning Inspectorate so it can be put forward for public examination.


Councils with planning responsibilities are required to make provision for housing growth each year based upon what is known as Local Housing Need. This is defined nationally, and Lichfield's requirement is to allow for 321 new dwellings each year, equating to 7,062 between 2018 and 2040.  


Over and above this councils are required under a Duty to Cooperate to help neighbouring authorities where they can. The evidence that underpins this review of the council's Local Plan has shown it would be sustainable to allow a further 4,500 dwellings to be built to help neighbouring authorities. Lichfield District Local Plan 2040 pushes back against this with an intention to accommodate 2,665 homes between 2027 and 2040 for neighbouring authorities. The Planning Inspectorate has stopped several other councils’ local plan reviews where they had evidence that they could help neighbouring authorities, but failed to make any provision to do so.


The council put forward its view on what it considers the Local Plan 2040 should say earlier this year, following a series of consultations. Submitting the plan now is the next official step towards it being tested at public examination and if approved, then adopted.


Lichfield District Local Plan 2040 sets out how future development is managed in the district, identifying the areas that are allowed to be developed, and what requirements and standards developers should meet in their proposals, such as providing electric vehicle charging points, energy efficient dwellings, transport choices, open spaces and infrastructure. Without an up-to-date, approved plan in place, the default position is that any application for housing and other developments in the district would need to be decided in line with the National Planning Policy Framework, rather than based on any local planning policies and requirements.  


Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Leisure & Local Plan, said: “After lots of hard work by our spatial policy team and a series of public consultations, we are now at the point of submitting our Local Plan 2040 to the Planning Inspectorate. This is a multi-year effort that started before the current council was formed and I’d like to thank everyone who has got involved in the process.


“I know people look around the district and all they can see is development and a lack of infrastructure. This comes from the current local plan that is in place and how the council had to allow for growth. 


“This local plan review makes provision for growth in housing and commercial uses at levels and in places we believe the district can cope with and in line with our statutory duties. It aims to preserve the district’s assets and make sure growth is sustainable with the right balance of infrastructure. Unfortunately, there is not an option for refusing to allow new housing to come forward. 


“By submitting the plan now, we are ensuring Lichfield District is proactive in managing its residents’ housing and economic needs and protecting its key environmental assets.”


If Cabinet agrees, the Local Plan 2040 will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate and a public examination will follow.


The Cabinet meeting will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 7 December. For the agenda, reports and a link to live-stream the meeting, go to www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/decembercabinet.

Grants on offer to help protect local homes from flooding

If your home or business flooded in February 2020 you may be entitled to a grant to help prevent your property from being flooded again.


After an extension to the national scheme, Lichfield District Council is inviting owners of homes or businesses that flooded in storms Ciara or Dennis in February 2020 to apply for a property flood resilience grant of up to £5,000.



Councillor Rob Strachan, Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement and Revenues & Benefits, said: “We know how heart-breaking it is to have your home or businesses flooded, and we want to help make sure local properties are able to withstand possible future flooding events.



“This is why we’re inviting anyone who owns a property in the district that flooded in February 2020 to apply for funding to install measures to help make sure it doesn’t happen again.”



To be eligible for a grant, an independent surveyor will need to assess the property to advise on the best way to make a property more resilient to future flooding, such as putting in flood doors and raising electrics from ground level.



The funding can only be spent on flooding mitigation measures and cannot be used for repairs.



To find out more and how to apply for a property flood resilience grant, go to www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/floodrelief.